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For our first blog we will kick off with our visit to the Barnstaple Hotel Health and Leisure Club. 

​What do they offer?

​For local residents, The Barnstaple Hotel (which is part of the Brend Hotel Group) offers membership to their health club and swimming pool. The options for membership are:

Standard Membership ( an annual sign up fee £35 + pay as you go for each facility used at each visit)
Executive Membership ( annual unlimited use of all the facilities £450)
Monthly Swim Membership (unlimited pool use £35)
Monthly Gym Membership (unlimited use of the fitness suite and power plates £35)

There are discounts for senior citizens and the rates for individual facilities such as the outdoor pool, sauna and relaxation suite are variable.

We chose to pay for a standard membership. Each standard member can take up to 3 guests in with them and the rate for their entry is slightly higher than that of the members. But this is still a great option for a family as depending on the size of the family you can all enjoy the health club facilities on one membership and just pay as you go. However! If you like us you're a family of five or more you will require two memberships as only 2 of your guests can be under 16.

When you arrive at the health club, you will find free parking and this is located to the right of the hotel. The entry for the pool is also on this side of the building. The changing rooms which have had a recent make over are spacious and contemporary. Both the male and female changing rooms have large saunas and the use is included in the price of a swim. The showers are clean and have a good amount of pressure, along with temperature controls. Powerful hairdryers are dotted along the mirrors and are free to use.

There are two pools here at the hotel and both of which are heated to a average 32 degrees. The heated outdoor pool is seasonal and does become extremely busy in the summer. The health club does operate a maximum capacity during peak times but will usually update the status of this on their Facebook page. I must say, the outdoor pool area is very akin to that of a Spanish villa and on the very hot days when we have visited you could be mistaken for being in a lovely hotel abroad. Its days like those where you really feel glad to of made the decision to pay for a membership!

Around the inside pool is a number of sun beds and a set of doors lead to a relaxation suite. The relaxation suite is primarily two mosaic tiled hot beds which are surprisingly comfortable. Next door to this is a small gym which offers up to date and modern equipment. 

If you are wanting to make your visit to the health-club more of a spa day, pre bookable treatments are available. These include facials and massages among other relaxing pamperings. You may fancy some refreshments during your visit and the small kiosk in the dry area offer the basics such as cold drinks, crisps, chocolate bars, smoothies and a self use coffee machine. A larger lunch menu is available and while you can make your order here at the kiosk, the hotel kitchen staff will prepare your meal and the food will be bought to you by waiting staff.

I have visited the majority of Brend Hotels and one thing they offer and do exceedingly well at is customer service. I don't recall ever having an incompetent or rude member of staff wait on me. All the staff are trained in the 'Brend' way. They have a very formal approach to their customers and you will always be referred to as 'Sir' or 'Madam'. The staff are courteous and generally will fall over themselves to deliver good customer service. This goes along way in how you review your stay as you can over look the odd thing that they might be able to do better. My experience if there has ever been anything I am not completely happy with the management will take it upon themselves to rectify the issue immediately.

Over all, I am happy with our membership and I would recommend it to local families. Of course it is more expensive than the public swimming baths..but not much. The extra touches of luxury are totally worth the extra cost and I will always come out of this health club feeling revived and pampered, even if it was just a swim I went in for.

I read something in the paper recently (so I am afraid I cant  be sure it is true but link at the bottom!)  it both shocked me..and made me feel pretty queasy. If you go to a swimming baths and smell a strong smell of chlorine you might be mistaken in thinking that at although its a bit stinky the high levels of chlorine must be keeping the pool clean. WRONG! Chlorine shouldn't smell, and if it does it indicates the water is actually contaminated with high levels of germs/urine/excrement/skin etc! So, next time you go to a pool check out the smell. The Barnstaple Hotel's pool does not have a very strong smell of chlorine so take from that what you will!

​What you will need to take on a visit to the health club pool:

Towels (they supply towels to the hotel guests)

£1 coin for the lockers

Membership Card

£1 coin for the Tea/Coffee Machine

Cash or Debit Card for any food etc (card payments must be over £5)

​Barnstaple Hotel Pool

​Window Cleaner Barnstaple reviews The Barnstaple Hotel Health Club

​Hot Chocolate at the Barnstaple Hotel

​Hot Chocolate at The Barnstaple Hotel

​Barnstaple Hotel Changing Room

​Health and Leisure Club Key Window Cleaner review in Barnstaple

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